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Q and A

A Hostel ?

  • 1. What's a Hostel ?
    A hostel is an establishment that offers accommodation. The big difference between a hostel and a hotel is the fact that in a hostel you can rent a bed instead of a room. That means you will share a room and the facilities with different people. In addition, the sharing of rooms and facilities creates a social environment where people easily interact. 

    But don't be scared, at Kingkool we also offer private rooms!! 
  • 2. What is Kingkool ?
    Kingkool is the creation of one young traveler who made his dream a reality. It is a contemporary view on affordable accommodation. Something does not have to be expensive to look good. Creative productivity with materials and spaces is what we do. All rooms have a different theme and there is a mix of private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and dorm room. Together with the spacious common areas this concept creates an atmosphere that many people seem to enjoy.
  • 3. What time can we Check-in / Check-out?
    The official Check-in time is at 15:00 every day. If you are lucky, it could be a bit earlier. However, we do need the time to clean the hostel every day.

    Check-out will be at 11:00 in the morning.
  • 4. Can you leave your luggage before or after check-inn??
    Yes, that is possible. No worries.
  • 5. Where is the Kingkool reception ?
    Our reception has moved to the front of our building.  It is now on the Prinsegracht side.
  • 6. Does Kingkool have a 24 hour reception ?
    No, we do not have a 24 hour reception!

    We open every day at 08:00 in the morning and the check-in is until 22:00. The bar will close before 24:00. If you have not checked in before that time, the reception will be closed.
  • 7. Until what time can we go in or out of the hostel ?
    When you have checked-in, you may come and go as you please. Although we do close the main entrance, we have a night entrance at the front of the building. 
  • 8. Is there any age limit ?
    Kingkool caters to all ages and we have had a variety of guests so far. However, the minimum age is 18 years old for single travelers.

    For any older guests, be aware that we do not have an elevator and that we cannot guarantee a bottom bunk in a dorm room.
  • 9. What about breakfast ?
    At Kingkool we do not serve breakfast in house, but naturally we have a guest kitchen in which you can prepare whatever you like.

    In addition, we work together with a restaurant on the "Grote Markt"  down the street for which we have a discount voucher for you at the reception. You can sit outside on the terrace if weather permits. Another option is the local bakery.

Different rooms ?

  • 1. Dorm room ?
    Dorm is short for dormitory. In such a room you rent a bed in stead of the whole room. Therefore, you share the room with other people. In addition, all facilities you might need are shared as well. 

    At Kingkool we have different types or dorm rooms. First of all, our most affordable type is the Budget Basement Dorm NO WINDOW and the Triple Bunk NO WINDOW. All the triple bunk dorms have 3 story bunk beds.

    The Standard Dorm has regular bunk beds and the Dorm Deluxe gives a lot more privacy in our largest room. It has a curtain, a private power socket and a light in your own little cubicle.
  • 2. A Private room?
    Kingkool likes to mix things up! That’s why we have so many different rooms. The private rooms also have multiple different types. All private rooms come with a en-suite bathroom, except the new Budget Private Double. Naturally, we have private Double rooms for couples, we have 3 of these rooms. However, we also offer Twin rooms, this means separate beds, there are two of these. In addition, there is one private Triple room, there are two private Quadruple rooms and Budget Private Double.
  • 3. What's up with the themes ?
    Why should every room be the same? We find that quite boring. That’s why we tried to give every room a different feel so our guest have a unique experience in each of our rooms. Thus, all our rooms are different.
  • 4. How can you book a specific room ?
    Some people have a favorite room or want to experience a specific theme, we do our best accommodating this. However, there are some limits regarding the booking methods. Within some room categories we offer multiple rooms. With these you cannot book a specific room directly. You book a certain type and we allocate a room for you. You can make a remark whilst booking and give a preference, or just send us an E-mail.
  • 5. Can you add an extra bed ?
    Not in every room. We do have the possibility to add an additional bed at an extra charge. However, in some rooms it is not possible to add an extra bed. Feel free to contact us is this is an option for you.
  • 6. What do we need to bring ourselves ?
    If you are staying in a dorm, you will need to make your own bed. We provide the linen and all our guests must use it. In the dorms we do not provide towels. if you do need one, we rent them for 2 or 3 Euros. Furthermore, a few of the backpack basics always come in handy. Think of toiletries, slippers for the showers, earplugs etc. For those of you who come from far, an adapter for the sockets is always a must!

    Regarding private rooms, all beds have been made and we do supply towels. There is also soap in the bathrooms but bringing your own toiletries is always handy. 
  • 7. Are there lockers in the dorm rooms ?
    Kingkool provides lockers for all dorm rooms. However, you do need a padlock to be able to lock the lockers. Most travelers have one, but if 
    you do not have one or if it doesn't fit , we sell them for 4 Euros at the reception.

How can you pay ?

  • 1. How can we make a reservation ?
    The most simple method is booking directly via this website. In the top right corner you will find the book now button, the rest is self-explanatory.

    We do not accept reservations via the phone, we need a guarantee that you are coming. 
    Contacting us via E-mail is always possible, mostly used for group bookings. In this case we would create a reservation which will be final when payment via bank transfer is made.

    Naturally, you can always walk in and make a reservation at the reception.
  • 2. What methods of payment do you accept online ?
    In addition to the most used credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), you can also use I-deal, Sofort banking and Mistercash on our website.
  • 3. Is it possible to make a reservation via E-mail ?
    Of course it is possible to contact us and make a reservation. However, due to the fact that we need a guarantee that you are coming, we only confirm the reservation when payment is made via bank transfer. 
  • 4. Can we pay on arrival ?
    When you just walk in and book, you can pay directly at the reception, cash or card.
    Because we need a guarantee you are comming, you pay in advance when you book online.

  • 5. City tax ?
    Yes, we are obliged by the city council to charge 5,35 Euro's per guest per night in 2021.
    When you make a reservation on our website, the city tax is not included. This is still due on arrival.

What about the Facilities ?

  • 1. WIFI ?
    Yes,  we have Free WIFI !!!!
  • 2. Is there television ?
    None of the rooms has a television in it!
    We do have a large cinema room in which we have a TV, we also have a beamer for the big screen and a games console for some entertainment. All common areas close around midnight.
  • 3. Does Kingkool serve food ?
    No, we do not offer any meals.
    So no breakfast included. We do have deals for local breakfast options. For all other meals, we are in the city centre, everything is within walking distance.
  • 4. Does Kingkool have a guest kitchen ?
    We sure do!!

    There is a fully stocked guest kitchen at your disposal. You're more than welcome to make use of it. The only thing we do ask is that you please clean up after yourself and no food and drinks in the rooms.

    The kitchen opens daily at 08:00 and it will close at 23:00!
  • 5. Is there a bar ?
    Yes, there is most definitely a bar in Kingkool. 
    We have the best Dutch beer on tap and many other local and foreign treats to surprise you. Best thing is, it's the cheapest bar in town!

    In addition, we have a beautiful espresso machine for the coffee in the mornings.
  • 6. Can you bring your own drinks ?

    In the new setup, it is NO BRING YOUR OWN  at the bar.

    You can still consume your own drinks in the kitchen area.

    The only thing we do ask is that you do not buy crates of glass bottles, do us a favour and buy cans!
  • 7. Is there an elevator in the building ?
    Due to the fact that our building is a national monument, it is not allowed to make major changes.
    This implies that there is no elevator and everyone has to make use of the stairs.
  • 8. Do we rent bicycles ?

    We work together with the best bike rental place in The Hague. It's only a short walk away.

  • 9. What about Parking ?
    At Kingkool, we do have limited on-site parking possibilities. Please contact us for more information.

    Furthermore, there are many paid alternatives available close by.

Where is Kingkool ?

  • 1. How far are you from the city centre ?
    We are in the city centre!!

    The popular "Grote Markt" square is just three blocks down the street and everything is within walking distance.
    Public transport stops right in front of our door and both train stations are a 15 minute walk.
  • 2. How do we get there by public transport ?
    The easiest way is to take a train to Den Haag Central Station and catch a tram from there.

    The following trams stop right in front of our door, Brouwersgracht is the name of the stop.

    Tram 2 : Direction Kraayenstein.
    Tram 3 : Direction Den Haag Loosduinen.
    Tram 4 : Direction Den Haag de Uithof.
    Tram 6 : Direction Leyenburg.

    It's the 3rd stop from central station ; BROUWERSGRACHT.

    Did you arrive at the HS station, Take tram 1 towards Scheveningen and transfer to one of the lines above at the Spui stop. Or you can walk, it's about 15 minutes.
  • 3. What about walking form the train station ?
    That's an easy option. From the Central station it is actually just straight. Make your way towards the Grote Markt street, this will turn into the Prinsegracht. It's about a 15 minute walk.

    The same goes for the HS station, be sure to check a map before going on a walkabout.

  • 4. Does Kingkool have parking ?
    Yes, Kingkool does have limited on-site parking. Please contact us if you are interested in our parking facilities.
  • 5. Is there free parking in the city centre ?
    No, there is not!

    Free parking in the city centre is an illusion. 
  • 6. Are there any other parking options close by ?
    Parking in the streets is a viable option, it is paid by the hour starting at 09:00 until 01:00. Only on Sunday it starts later, paid from 13:00.

    The other options are parking garages, these will be around 30 Euro's per day.
    Maybe the Park and Ride could be an option for you. Check 

  • 7. Can we park our bikes safely ?
    On our parking lot we have designated areas for parking bikes free of charge. 
    At night we close our parking lot so everything is safe.